The Artistic Imago Dei

My call towards art has been circulating for awhile, yet I have only recently started to embrace it. For a long time I would tell myself that I am not an artist, and had no right to even consider it. Imagine my surprise when I entered college in order to get an art degree. I loved making things growing up, but I had never done anything worthy of being called art… or so I thought.

Since coming to divinity school, I not only encountered a new way to perceive the divine in my life but I have also allowed the artist to awaken within me, and have worked on claiming it as mine. Now the only thing that makes sense to me is combing art and spirituality.

Sometimes, I forget that my artistic nature has always been with me to certain degree. Of course I think that’s what a “call” is, something that is always with you in the back of your head, something you just know without having to state it or even admitting it, but then once you do admit to it you realize that it’s been there all along. Perhaps that is what faith is too, acknowledging what has been with you all along… and once you state it, you realize how true it is,.. and then it becomes real and embodied in your words, in your statement of faith.

creativedivine.jpgI first heard the term “imago dei” (“image of God”) in my first theology class during my first semester at Wake Divinity School. It was around that same time and in that same class that I also learned about the idea of co-creation. When you combine those two concepts, you have an idea that we were created by the divine creator in the image of the divine creator so that we might continue the creator’s work in creating… So then, everything we do is act of creation. We are continuing the work of God as we live out our created passions and embody the truth within us. We create life when we discover the truth and when we inspire others to see their own truth. One could even say that the divine creator created us to be the truth of the divine in the world… to be the imago dei on earth.

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